Kenneth Branagh - Hamlet
Derek Jacobi - Claudius
Kate Winslet - Ophelia
Rufus Sewell - Fortinbras
Julie Christie - Gertrude
Charlton Heston - Player King
Billy Crystal - First Gravedigger
Gerard Depardieu - Reynaldo
Jack Lemmon - Marcellus
Robin Williams - Osric

Mark Cassello (patiently waiting for Hamlet)

Thanks again for visiting the site
Hopefully this effort will pay off, and I will be watching Hamlet on my home theater screen before the film's tenth anniversary!
In the meantime, I'm relegated to watching the horribly fuzzy VHS edition. On the bright side, I was able to purchase the widescreen edition.


Tired of waiting? Make your own!

Check out these photos. While I was waiting for the real DVD, I made my own 4 disc special edition widescreen DVD. I used steel rivets to hold the exclusive double case together.
This site is in no way affiliated with, nor claims to represent the views of Mr. Branagh. It is a non-commercial site dedicated to the hope that Warner Brothers would release this spectacular film on DVD. This mission of this website is to provide updated information on the status of this DVD release and to provide a forum for others who wish to vent their frustrations at the protracted delay. I only wish to facilitate communication between Warner Home Video and their customers who anxiously await this release.

photographs courtesy of W.W. Norton and Company Copyright © 1996 and Castle Rock Entertainment